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Give your financial app student loan superpowers

With our API, you can empower customers to automatically assess and address their student debt—freeing up cash they can save, invest and spend.

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Don’t think student loans are your issue?
Think again.

If you work with consumers, they likely have student loan debt.


million Americans have student debt


of today's college graduates have loans

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The name of the game: Assess and Enroll

With our technology, you can quickly spin up a student loan product that provides money-saving guidance and automatic action.

Debt assessment

Evaluate student debt and offer your customers personalized repayment and forgiveness options.

Automatic enrollment

No paperwork here. Your customers can automatically enroll in federal programs that free up their cash flow.

Customer empowerment

Engage your customers with tools that allow them to take control of student debt. They’ll love you for it.


More customers, no problem

The Payitoff API is built to go big. Our technology reliably and securely scales, whether you have 10,000 customers or tens of millions.

Ready to launch your own student loan solution?

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